Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild Slot Game

Dr. Jekyll goes Wild

Technical Things


5 reels, 3 rows, 10 lines, High Volatility

Jekyll (wild) symbols replace all symbols except the potion (scatter) symbol

Credits cost between 0.01 and 50, Stakes reach from 0.10 to 500

Offers big bet paly, which allows for the acquisition of multiple free spins.

Autospin option which allows for 10, 50, 100 and 200 automatic spins, which can be automatically halted once a certain sum has been lost or won.

Free spins retrigger.

Has mobile version.

Wins limited to 250,000

2 < 94.2%- 2>96.2%- BIG BET 98.2%


The iconography is a standard set of 10 to A, combined with five additional winning symbols, a potion symbol and a wild symbol with and alternative design. All icons are professionally design and the presence of though is quite apparent in the presentation of the Jekyll/Hyde icons, which spur with character. There is an additional hourglass symbol which is part of a special free spins rule.

Symbols remain static until they have become part of a winning combination. Some of the symbols, like the clocktower feature actual animation once the symbol is on a winning lane, but most of the time, it is just a zoom effect, combined with additional visual goodies to augment the otherwise static experience. Hovering over the buttons highlights them further emphasizing their color.


The sound is where this slot falls flat. During the opening sequence, the player is greeted by a short, grim piano motif, but it abruptly ends in a few seconds, leaving the player in a sudden silence. There is no continuous soundtrack.

A wild, threatening melody plays during spins, which is complemented by additional sound effects for combinations and special symbols, but then, again, it leaves the player in utter silence once the spin is done. The information menu is underlined with futuristic sounds, more appropriate for laser fiction than a gothic novel. Upon exiting the information menu, the player is sent away by a lazy snare.

The low-par soundwork leaves the otherwise enthralling visual style devoid of spirit. On a sidenote, the sound effect playing while increasing the bet is highly reminiscent of the old Microsoft Windows error sound and can bring back a few unpleasant memories.

Options THINGS

The options menu has been left quite lean. Only the sound toggle and the demo/real money toggles are located there. The spin, autospin, big bet and stake options have been pushed to the main screen.


This is one of the more demanding slot games, as getting used to the rules takes some time and during the first few spins, players may be feeling rather baffled. There are about 15 pages in the information menu, which is quite the read compared to the rules of other similar games.

The wild symbol activates free spins. 3 wild symbols activate 10 spins, 4 wild symbols activate 15 free spins and 5 wild symbols activate 20 free spins. During the free spins, 2 or more wild symbols grant additional free spins, from 3 to 20, depending on the amount of wild symbols present.

There is a special mode called Hyde free spins, which can activate only during standard free spins. On the first reel a potion icon may appear, which combined with the wild symbol activates “Hyde free spins” which is an unlimited free spins mode. During Hyde free spins, on the fifth reel an hourglass symbol may appear.

The hourglass symbol may end the free spins streak or extend it depending on the random outcome of a roll between the hourglass turning red or green. Once Hyde free spins mode has been activated, the wild symbols which were present at activation remain locked on their position until the Hyde free spins streak is ended.

Finally, the game offers a BIG BET mode, where the player bets high sums of money on a series of free spins. The big bet is in four categories spanning from bets of 20 to 50. Each mode has its own free spins table, which depends on wild symbols. If during your five BIG BET spins, you encounter wild symbols, they are added to the table and after a certain number of symbols has been collected, additional free spins are granted in accordance with the table.

The game offers automatic spins mode, for 10-50-100-200 spins, which can be limited by reaching a loss or win threshold. The limit on losses can be set on 100-500-1000-2000 and the winnings limit may be set on 50-100-200 winnings on a single spin also a “Never” option is available on the winning limits, but its presence is rather unnecessary since by default it is expected for the game to keep on turning once automatic spins have been set.


The game has chosen an interesting topic and manages to stay somewhat true to it, that is as far as the atrocity that is the sound design is being completely ignored.
The Big Bet mode manages to diversify the stagnant gameplay and offer additional experiences to its players, yet, the convoluted nature of the rules may make people feel rather uncomfortable playing it. In a nutshell, Robert Louis Stevenson is probably turning in his grave and that is not because he is looking for the slot machine’s lever.

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